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Druid College - Field of Awen
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Druid College
Rev. James Lawer, Provost
10 Park Ave., #24-D
New York, NY 10016
Phone:(917) 272-7681
Druid College
Kevin E. Emmons
17 Usher Mill Road
Hollis, Maine 04042
Phone: (207) 370-6448


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Druid College - Year One - Web-based Training

Reweaving Our Broken Connection to the Land

Sweat lodge - Casco Maine

We recognize the challenge for people in different states to travel to Maine or NYC for training. After much consideration, we've decided to offer web-based training. Using a video conference tool, we will conduct our course on-line.


What separates the Druid College from other programs is our commitment to direct experience. Although the bulk of the course will be taught via video conferece, the year concludes with a single 4-day intensive in Maine. This intensive is not optional. The online sessions will convey information, the Maine intensive will focus on ritual and direct teachings that cannot be conveyed via the internet. It is our hope, by only having to travel once, this new course will expand the opportunity for people from long distances to experience our program. More information for time and date will be posted soon. The contents of the course can be found on the Year-one page.